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After the release of Gandi Baat season series 4, all the fans are eagerly waiting for Gandi Baat Season 5. Now the wait for Gandi Baat Season 5 Web Series will over on 8th October 2020.

This content is suitable for above 18 years of age of viewers. Gandi Baat, the web series bigger than ever yet again draws the attention of the audience with its youth-centric plot in season 5. The fifth season seamlessly portrays the ground reality that revolves around social stigma, loneliness, sexuality, peer pressure, and companionship that will connect with the viewers on a large scale. While the last four seasons let you enjoy a bunch of urban stories from rural India, the brand-new season of Gandi Baat 5 will take the entire nation by storm with its super sensual performances and engaging young storyline. So, are you ready to catch ALTBalaji’s Gandi Baat 5? Starring Amika Shail, Farman Haider, Piyali Munsi, Pooja Dey, Nitin Bhatia, Sanya Bansal, Savant Singh Premi, Satakshi Shorya, Sudhir Chauhan, Ankit Bhatia, Pamela Mondal, Parichay Sharma, and many more well-known faces, the newest season is here once again to raise the temperatures. Watch their exceptional acts in Gandi Baat Season 5 on ALTBalaji and Zee5!!

Gandi Baat Season 5 Basic Information

All the basic information related to Gandi Baat Season 5 web series like Director, Producer, Writer, Star Cast, Production Company, IMDb Ratings, Platform name where it distributed, Time Durations, etc. are mentioned in this table which is as follows:-

TitleGandi Baat
Content-TypeWeb Series
GenresRomance, Fantasy
Total Episodes4 Episodes
No. of SeasonsSeason 5
Running Time42 - 45 Minutes (4 Hours)
IMDb Ratings3.6⭐ / 10
Release Date8 October 2020
PlatformAltBalaji, Zee5
Production CompanyJaasvand Entertainment
Directed BySachin Mohite
Written ByRanveer Pratap Singh
Produced ByEkta Kapoor

Gandi Baat Season 5 Reviews and Story

Episode 1

Chandan's friends believe that he is the 'Madhosh Madan', the famous author of a sensational magazine series. But he insists he is not. Life takes an unexpected turn when Chandan gets into trouble because of his erroneous identity.

Cast Name:- Piyali Munsi, Satakshi Shorya, Parichay Sharma

Episode 2

Priyanka is looking for a man who will take her love life out but when she meets Nandini and Santosh, she gets her real desire and her gray mind about love disappears.

Cast Name:-  Amika Shail, Farman Haider, Pooja Dey

Episode 3

Meera decides to get a date on the dating app to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend. He does not know that his vengeance will bring him trouble.

Cast Name:- Nitin Bhatia, Sanya Bansal, Savant Singh Premi

Episode 4

Pintu, a delivery boy, becomes a celebrity overnight in his small town because of a viral video. To impress his girlfriend, he goes into bodybuilding and meets Dev, who is a high-profile, misleading bodybuilder, throwing his life into gear.

Cast Name:-  Sudhir Chauhan, Ankit Bhatia, Pamela Mondal

Gandi Baat Season 5 Cast Names

In Gandi Baat Season 5, all the starring actor and actress name are as follows:-

Amika Shail Image

Farman Haider Image

Piyali Munsi Image

Pooja Dey Image

Nitin Bhatia Image

Sanya Bansal Image

Savant Singh Premi Image

Satakshi Shorya Image

Sudhir Chauhan Image

Ankit Bhatia Image

Pamela Mondal Image

Parichay Sharma Image

Gandi Baat Season 5 Watch and Download Online

If you want to watch Gandii Baat Season 5 Online and Download their episodes, then you must Purchase Altbalaji's or Zee5's Premium Membership.

Gandi Baat Season 5 Total Episodes List

There is a total of 4 Episodes in Gandi Baat Season 5. The list of Episodes is as follows.

Episode No.Episode Name
Episode 1Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan
Episode 2Game of Love
Episode 3Happy Valentine’s Day
Episode 4Pintu’s 5 Million Followers

Altbalaji Gandi Baat Season 5 Official Trailer

The Gandi  Baat Season 5 web series Trailer is out now on ALTBalaji. You can check out below.

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