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Bombay Rose is a Hindi animated film. All the characters are created using paint on a computer that was done by 60 artists over 18 months. This film is directed by famous theater actor and filmmaker Gitanjali Rao. Bombay Rose is the love story film of Kamala and Salim.

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 Bombay Rose Basic Information

All the basic information related to Bombay Rose film like Director, Producer, Writer, Star Cast, Production Company, IMDb Ratings, Platform name where it distributed, Time Durations, etc. are mentioned in this table which is as follows:-

TitleBombay Rose
GenresAnimation, Romance
Total EpisodesNo Episodes
No. of SeasonsSeason 1
Running Time93 Min. (1 Hr. 33 Min.)
IMDb Ratings6.3⭐ / 10⭐
Release Date4 December 2020
Production CompanyCinestaan Film Company
Directed ByGitanjali Rao
Written ByGitanjali Rao
Produced ByAnand Mahindra,
Rohit Khattar
Main Star CastAmit Deondi,
Cyli Khare,
Anurag Kashyap,
Makrand Deshpande,
Geetanjali Kulkarni,
Shishir Sharma,
Virendra Saxena,
Amardeep Jha

Bombay Rose Cast

All the cast name who give their voice to present the Bombay Rose film are as follows:-

Cyli Khare as Kamala
Amit Deondi as Salim
Anurag Kashyap as Raja Khan
Makrand Deshpande as Mike
Geetanjali Kulkarni as Flower Seller
Shishir Sharma as Anthony Pereira
Virendra Saxena as Kamala's Grandfather
Amardeep Jha as Mrs. D'Souza

Bombay Rose Story

Bombay Rose is the love story of Salim and Kamla who lives in Mumbai. But a love story is not possible without problems. In this film, they face a lot of problems in their love story but still, they stand for each other.

Bombay Rose Release Date

The Bombay Rose film will release on Netflix on 4 December 2020.

Bombay Rose Trailer

The Trailer of the Bombay Rose film are as follows:-

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