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Welcome Home Poster

SonyLiv was released a Movie which has been titled Welcome Home. This is a Thriller - Drama movie which is produced by Hemal A Thakkar.

Welcome Home SonyLiv Basic Information

Title Welcome Home
Content-Type Movie
Language Hindi
Genres Thriller, Drama
Total Episodes No Episodes
No. of Seasons Season 1
Running Time 2 Hours
IMDb Ratings 7.8 / 10
Release Date 6 November 2020
Platform SonyLiv
Production Company Monolith
Playtime Creations
Directed By Pushkar Mahabal
Written By Ankita Narang
Produced By Paresh Rawal
Main Star Cast Tina Bhatiya
Kashmira Irani
Shashi Bhushan
Boloram Das

Welcome Home (SonyLiv) Cast

Tina Bhatiya
Kashmira Irani
Shashi Bhushan
Boloram Das
Paresh Rawal
Swaroop Rawal
Akshita Arora

Welcome Home (SonyLiv) Review

Welcome Home is being seen as a psychological drama with lots of thrills. The film lives in a pregnant woman's house. She is visited by some officers, possibly by some other women, and she is asked about her lifestyle. They inquire if she is pregnant for the first time, to which she denies, she again denies the question of whether there is another child in the house. The pregnant woman then says that the children always die, they come out, cry a little, and then die. Interestingly, he had scratch marks on his hands, possibly from a violent exchange with a domestic resident.

The film seems to be based on domestic violence, which many women may have to face in their daily lives. SonyLiv is again bringing in quality content and getting the audience excited for "Welcome Home", which is already a short but chilling teaser.

Welcome Home (SonyLiv) Trailer

The Welcome Home Web Series Trailer which is released on SonyLiv Youtube Channel are as follows:-

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